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 Listen to this crap: Liars blink a lot while imagining and talking, truthers blink alot when...

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PostSubject: Listen to this crap: Liars blink a lot while imagining and talking, truthers blink alot when...   01/12/10, 07:27 am

Look at this link and tell me that what the person is saying isn't total bullshit. Well, you can
tell me what you like, but it's bullshit, trust me.

Text from "Liars are exposed by blinking":

""People blink less when tracking objects and when spacing out (nonverbal thinking like imagination or just taking in sensory information passively-a light trance state).

Knowing the above (obviously these researches don't bother to read all the research on blinking), the reason that truth tellers blink rates go up when telling the truth is because they are talking and using more symbolic processing.

Liars are talking, but they are using more of their imagination, not strictly symbolic thinking, in order to create the lie. Then their blink rate goes way up because their mind is flooded with thoughts (self-talk, rationalization, and running scenarios about what else do they need to do to cover their tracks, will they get caught, what should they say next, how can they get out of this...)"".


People like this are the reason that there are so many innocent people in PRISON.

I have lots of thoughts in my head going on, whether I'm lying or not. And for the folks that believe the stuff stated on that site, well when I lie, I think LESS about stuff. I think MORE when I am NOT LYING, and because of that, well, I feel scared that people will think that I am lying anyways. That has been the case in many cases. If I lie, I remember what to say before hand. It's pre-created. All I need to do is access it real fast. If I know I am not lying, well, naturally I stop caring about the fact that I am telling the truth, and sometimes need to try to remember what really happened. It will be the same story, and sometimes it will be flipped here and there, because I remember otherwise.

Well, say I am being accused of vandalizing a book store, and I am telling an investigator "what happened". Everything below is fictional, and from my "imagination":

#1. Example of the truth:

I go to the store, pick up a car after paying for it, I got some apples at the store, I then went to the book store and didn't read anything. I left and tripped and fell into a glass window at the store.

#2. Example of what really happened along the lines of specific time that I couldn't come to terms with before in my own memory:

I went to the store, I got some apples at the store, then I went to the book store, and now I do remember reading a "customer service" sign at the check out line, and oh, now I remember that I read a pamphlet about a new book seller. Then I tripped and fell into a glass sliding door. There was glass everywhere.

What I am saying is that I know the basics, not telling everything, then remembering other things. I have seen MANY TIMES people doing this to truth tellers, Saying "Oh, but you didn't say it like this before. You are lying. And you never mentioned the pamphlet reading when you said you didn't read anything in the store before. You do realize we have more evidence against you. It just so happens we have a witness that saw you at the news paper stand across from the store".

You see, there are some fucked up people in this world that will do that to you.
"I" could have been just asking for the time at the news stand, and forgot about it!
They have done it to me, and these pieces of crap will keep doing it as long
as we have the "Freedom of Speech", and the legal system, and they will get away with it time and time again.

This very thing is happening in our court rooms, and some Judges aren't smart enough, or they just don't care, or they are the type to want to screw over someone that they just don't like, and not say "That is Enough! You have nothing further to say to the witness, or the accused".

That is happening in our court rooms EVERY SINGLE DAY YOU ARE ALIVE and will continue until thought processes are shaped to do only good.

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PostSubject: And also..   09/01/11, 10:06 am

I blink a lot, whether or not I'm telling the truth, so fuck that hypothesis.
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Listen to this crap: Liars blink a lot while imagining and talking, truthers blink alot when...
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